About HHA
To completely equip the Haitian people to become 100% self-sufficient
Discover how Haiti Hope Alliance partners with the people of Haiti to affect long-lasting change in Southern Haiti and the Central Plateau, and how you can partner with us in this mission:
Our Mission
Haiti Hope Alliance is dedicated to long-term presence and commitment to the people of Haiti. Our mission is committed to the spreading of the Gospel and meeting the needs of the Haitian people through economic development and empowerment. HHA recognizes that a successful mission must involve building and developing reciprocal relationships with the Haitian community through bonds of mutual trust and accountability.

To accomplish this, HHA is committed to developing sensitivity and training curriculum for all participants and mission team members prior to their arrival in Haiti. Ultimately, it is HHA's goal that mission team projects must be driven and led by the local Haitian community. HHA will invest in Haitian communities as they invest to transform their own communities. The ultimate goal is for HHA's endeavors to completely equip the Haitian people to become 100% self-sufficient and to take responsibility for their churches and communities.

Who We Are
for Hope
Haiti Hope Alliance is a non-denominational, Christian non-profit 501(c)(3) organization comprised of an alliance of churches and faith based organizations in partnership with secular entities dedicating to bringing hope to Haiti through the love of the Gospel.

HHA partners with international non-governmental organizations (NGO) certified by the Haiti government to accomplish mutual objectives for the Haitian people.

Board of
Haiti Hope Alliance is organized with a Board of Directors currently with eight directors. The Board is comprised of the organization's founders along with other directors appointed by participating churches, faith-based, international and local business organizations.

Directors must share and be dedicated to the fulfillment of the Haiti Hope Alliance's vision, must be active in the organization capable and willing to devote time, talents, resources and/or finances. Directors are required to participate in ministry activities in-country no less than one week every two years. Members will also be required to attend and participate in monthly Board meetings.

Working Together
Staff &
Board Members for HHA:
Max Price, Chris Cooke, Preston Graham, Stephen Clark, Timothy Torress, Joey Nay, Stephen Baptiste, Richard Morin and Robert Andrade.

Local Haitian Workers:
HHA will employ local Haitians to provide a variety of services for the Boyer projects including, operations & maintenance, construction, servicing the various teams, school and orphanage maintenance. We will require our Haitian counterpart organization to hire and oversee campus administration.

One Church.
The Haitian people are very spiritual, and the local church serves as a nerve center of activity. Leaders in the church are often looked at as leaders in the community. Outside the spiritual dynamics of a church, the facility becomes the social network center for the community. HHA will have no participation in these activities but will have jurisdiction to utilize the building as offices and training center for a Presbytery. HHA will renovate on the interior to accommodate new Presbytery offices to house Haiti Hope Alliance employees and train pastors.

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